Founded in the UAE in 1999, Standard Carpets has been driven by our mission to provide excellent value for money through innovative products of consistently superior quality, backed by efficient service and a committed support staff.

Specialising in solution-dyed synthetic broadloom carpets and carpet tiles, in just 15 years we have become the largest manufacturer of carpets in the Middle East/UAE and the only manufacturer of polyurethane backed carpet tiles in the Middle East, with an export market spanning more than 60 countries.

With our unrelenting drive for innovation and quality, we harness the latest in carpet manufacturing technology and equipment, including an in-house yarn extrusion and twisting unit, as well as state-of-the-art pattern-making, tufting lines and finishing processes.

Recognised as a market leader, our products command a premium over those of many competitors. Standard Carpets' flooring is today found in offices and apartments; hotels, restaurants, and clubs; schools and hospitals; entertainment venues and sporting facilities around the world.
At Standard Carpets, we understand the importance of doing our part to protect the environment. To underline our commitment to sustainability, we established our Sustainability Through Quality programme.

The programme is driven by three key principles:

Durability: all carpet should be made with the highest quality materials possible. The most sustainable products are those that last the longest.

Recycling: all materials should come from recycled sources if the result is a positive offset of the energy required to produce and acquire the material. Waste materials will be reused and recycled as much as possible.

Clean processing: all processes used in the creation of carpet should be non-polluting, energy- and material-efficient, without sacrificing the quality or durability of the carpet.

We constantly strive to minimise negative impacts on the environment, with specific programmes in place, not only at key stages of our manufacturing process but also in our product specifications.

Standard Carpets complies with the environmental management system ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004. This sets standards by which organisations:

  • Minimise the negative effect of their operations on the environment (air, water and land)

  • Comply with environment-related laws, regulations and other requirements

  • Continually improve in the above areas
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can negatively affect air quality in enclosed spaces, produce a strong odour and, at elevated levels, be harmful to health. Under our Sustainability Through Quality programme we continually submit our carpets for third-party testing for VOC emissions.

All of our carpets and carpet tiles meet the standards set by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label Plus programme. Compliance with this international benchmark is a requirement for carpets to meet the US Green Building Council's LEED standards for health and sustainability.
MRc4 – Recycled Content
EcoShield® - 42% Pre-Consumer / Post-Industrial
Recova® - 11% Post-Consumer

MRc5 – Regional Materials
All carpet manufactured by Standard Carpets, including yarn, is made in the UAE.

EQc4.1 – Low-Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants
Standard Carpets uses Laybond L79 Tackifier VOC content: <1g/L. (SCAQMD Rule #1168 VOC Limit for Indoor Carpet Adhesives: 50g/L.)

EQc4.3 – Low-Emitting Materials: Flooring Systems
All carpet tiles manufactured by Standard Carpets meet the requirements of CRI Green Label Plus.
In accordance with our Sustainability Through Quality programme, all of our carpets are made from 100% solution-dyed fibre, which we produce in-house, thus ensuring quality control at every stage from raw base material to finished product.

We offer our carpet tiles with two different environmentally friendly backings, so that you, our customers, can choose what best suits your needs while doing your part to help create a sustainable future for us all.

By undertaking all stages of production in-house, we eliminate the environmental costs of transporting yarn and other materials from third-party producers and have full control over every stage of the manufacturing process.
Our commitment to quality begins with our decision to produce only yarn that is coloured and extruded using the advanced solution-dyeing method, which blends the colour pigment directly into the fibre during production.

Environmental Benefits
Solution-dyeing requires almost no water and reduces waste water pollution by almost 99% compared to wet dyeing methods.

Product Benefits

The advantages of the solution dyeing process over other methods include:

  • Unrivalled colour-fastness and fade-resistance

  • Excellent resistance to UV and heat

  • Thousands of colours available

  • Extremely low electrical conductivity

  • Anti-soil and anti-microbial treatments
At Standard Carpets we have developed and patented a revolutionary low-weight, high-durability polyurethane cushioned backing system called Recova®.

Benefits of Recova® process

  • Energy efficiency: Recova® cuts the energy consumed in our tile backing process by 45% and increases efficiency by 20%.

  • Virtually VOC-free: meets CRI Green Label Plus requirements, including specific maximums for syrene, 4PC and formaldehyde compound.

  • Weight saving: Recova® tiles are 20% lighter than conventional vinyl-backed tiles – thus significantly reducing the carbon emissions produced by transporting the tiles from our warehouse to our customers.
To develop the fully sustainable, 100% recycled vinyl EcoShield® backing system, we are proud to be working in partnership with the European manufacturer Tarkett, a world leader in sustainable and innovative flooring solutions.

Benefits of EcoShield® process

Sustainability – made from 100% recycled vinyl. Tarkett recycles more 77,000 tons of vinyl per year, sourced as scrap from installation sites in accordance with REACH norms.

Traceability – all waste is of European origin, from Tarkett's own 'ReUse' collection scheme, other resilient flooring producers and waste-collection specialists.
Standard Carpets Ind LLC is committed to promoting human rights and environmental sustainability in all areas of its functioning. Holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, we believe that promoting socially responsible practices is key to bettering individual lives and our collective future. Our Social Compliance Policy provided in the link below aims to improve the social and environmental impact we make in communities around the world. Through a commitment towards improvement of workers' rights, quality workplace conditions and effective management systems, our policy is held in accordance with the standards set out in Social Accountability 8000 International Standard June 2014 edition (SA8000:2014).