Standard Carpets offers a variety of products specifically designed for the Aged Care Industry. While recognising that high performance is a must for this application, we also believe that patient wellbeing is enhanced and recovery is quicker in an environment that resembles a home.

Look & Feel

The colour palette, with its subtle, earthy undertones, has been carefully selected to provide a warm, nurturing and more residential feeling to the care facility.

Thanks to its modulated construction, the carpets provide extra cushion and shock absorption underfoot, thus reducing patients' fatigue and improving their recovery times.

Construction & Performance

The loop designs are hard-wearing and the structure is engineered to provide low resistance to rolling.

The vinyl-based backing is impervious and easily seam-sealable, providing maximum performance and minimum hassle during maintenance. It is light, flexible and easy to install.

INVISTA Anti-Soil Treatment comes as standard.

Optional yarn systems for Aged Care carpets are treated with AlphaSan MB ABA0050141 anti-microbial chemicals. The treated fibre shows very high efficacy (99.95%) against bacteria and fungus. Efficacy against bacteria is assessed based on ISO 20743. Efficacy against fungus is assessed using AATCC 174 against Aspergillus niger (ATCC 6275).

Aged Care carpet rolls measure 2 metres x 15 metres.