We produce a variety of synthetic grasses, both for general use (landscaping) and for specialised applications, including sports fields.

We offer a variety of artificial turfs for landscaping, all of which require very little maintenance and have a lengthy life span. Made of yarns that are UV-resistant and soft to the touch, they will even fool your pets!

Advantages of Standard Carpets' artificial leisure grass for lawns:

  • Feels and looks like natural grass and remains green throughout the year

  • Very little maintenance and long life span

  • Safe for children and pets

  • Can be installed indoors and outdoors
For water-based turf systems, our synthetic Hockey Turf is manufactured according to the guidelines of FIH (International Hockey Federation) Global classification. We also cater to sand-based turf systems, which may be granted FIH-National classification.

Advantages of artificial turf for hockey:

  • Consistent ball roll

  • Permanent lines always in the correct position

  • Permanent tufted lines inside
  • .
  • UV-resistant, so colour will not fade

  • Easy and cost-effective maintenance
Standard Carpets' synthetic Football Turfs are manufactured to provide the optimum playing surface for soccer, following stringent European quality standards.

Advantages of artificial turf for football:

  • Playable all year round

  • Very low maintenance

  • Extremely durable, even with heavy use

  • UV-resistant, so remains green throughout the life of the product

  • Optimum shock absorption.

  • Permanent tufted lines
Standard Carpets' multi-purpose turf system is designed to allow for the playing characteristic of both hockey and football.

Our synthetic Tennis Turf is economical to install, very durable and is much less labour-intensive than a natural surface.

Advantages of artificial turf for tennis:

  • Similar feel to playing on a natural surface

  • Loose top playing surface provides the 'slide' favoured by players

  • Can be played on for longer without needing maintenance

  • All-weather surface ideal for indoors and outdoors

  • Permanent tufted lines