Our array of modern tufting machines enables us to manufacture wall-to-wall carpets for both residential and commercial use, in all tufting styles.

Pattern attachments driven by sophisticated software give us the capability to produce a vast range of colours and patterns, including custom-made designs. In addition, our carpet tile designs can be adapted to 3.66 or 4-metre widths.

We use only Stanlon solution-dyed fibre, which is entirely produced in-house, using Standard Carpets' own proprietary extrusion and dyeing process.

All commercial carpets come with INVISTA anti-soil treatment as a standard specification.

For special applications, including Aged Care, premium anti-microbial Stanlon solution-dyed fibres are also available.


Plain Level Loops: 1/10th gauge
Graphic Loops: 1/10th gauge
Modulated Loops: 1/10th gauge
Modulated Loops: 1/12th gauge
Plain and Graphic Cut Piles: 1/8th gauge
Cut Loops: 1/8th gauge
Level-Cut Loops: 1/10th gauge
Variable Loops Over Cuts: 1/12 gauge

The name of our newest range of broadloom carpets is a tribute both to its exceptional softness and to the ancient Silk Road trading route that crossed the Orient.

Thanks to a breakthrough in yarn technology by our in-house developers, Silk Road combines supreme softness with phenomenal durability. The fine-filament, high-twist yarn creates a lush silkiness, adding a velvety finish that offers pure pleasure underfoot.

And, because they are made from premium solution-dyed nylon, Silk Road carpets can take almost any punishment you care to give them, resisting wear, staining and fading like no other. That's why Standard Carpets gives them a 20-year guarantee for residential use.

Offered in a palette of colours that evoke the timeless landscape along the route of the Silk Road, and the exotic products borne by the traders who plied the route for centuries, these beautiful carpets will provide a subtle yet rich backdrop for any modern interior.
The Authentic Collection is home to the largest collection of residential carpets. Fibers used in this collection are made out of Solution Dyed Olefin are naturally water resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The designs under this collection are mostly loop-pile carpets which perform well against abrasion. The carpet performs even when exposed to intense sunlight, bleaches, atmospheric contaminants and other harsh chemicals.

Cut pile carpets under this collection come with the optional I-Protect Treatment.

The fiber used in this carpet comes from recycled plastic containers, hence the name "plastic bottle carpet". This fiber has a natural and permanent stain resistance; In addition, carpets under this collection come standard with the patented I-Protect Treatment which has the following benefits:

  • Easier clean up – Stain remain on the carpet surface as they are prevented from seeping into the carpet

  • Extremely effective in reducing common airborne household odors

  • Promotes a cleaner fresher indoor environment

Compared to conventional polyester carpets which are yarn dyed, Standard Carpets only produce carpets out of continuous filament technology ( Solution Dying). These fibers are stronger and hold the twist longer, which results in superior appearance retention.

This collection is currently available only in heavy duty residential twists.
The Invincible Collection is home to our premium quality carpets made from solution dyed nylon. The solution dyed process is environmentally friendly, using little to no water.

Carpets made from this fiber are extremely resilient and carry at least a 10 year wear warranty. The appearance of the carpet can be maintained for up to 15 years with proper care and maintenance.

These products also have greater fade endurance, color fastness and stain resistance. The natural strength of the fiber ensures that there is little to no shedding of the fiber when compared to more expensive wool carpets.

All in all, carpets made from solution dyed nylon are ideal replacements for wool carpets as they carry the same warranties and do not require the use of stain blockers.

Most residential carpets in this collection are either twists or modulated twists. Heavy duty commercial carpet tiles are also made from solution dyed nylon.